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Re: [QTC] VIN and deferred maintenance

In a message dated 96-02-15 11:25:39 EST, steveb@newkla.kla.com writes:

>Model year production begins 1 August and ends 31 July

This is a very nominal condition, and is less and less true as time marches
on.  It has traditionally had a lot to do with the uniquely German practice
of shutting down the factories for a three week holiday in July or August
(the timing varies each year). In the past, this was a handy time to switch
over to the new model year.

However, this extended time-out is "not a good thing" for productivity or
world wide competitiveness.  Audi has frequently begun or ended model years
on a non-traditional basis - witness the continuation of 1995 model year S6
production into late 1995 calender year when the rest of the world (and the
A6) had moved on to 1996.

Bottom line is that the calendar date of production has become only a rough
guess as to the actual model year on the title and VIN.  This is not an Audi
phenomena, the rest of the industry also juggles VINs and model year intros
to suit various marketing and regulatory needs.