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Big Old Hellas

Hello all.  This is my first verbal visit to the list, so please forgive me
if I don't follow proper etiquette.  I mounted a pair of Hella 550's on the
front of my 86 Coupe GT utilizing existing holes where a front license plate
had been attached.  This was about the middle of the bumper.  I then
purchased a pair of those nifty Hella rally car anti-vibration brackets
($12?) and ran them from the lamp housing to the top of the grille where I
drilled two holes that don't show with the hood shut.  Judicious
bending/alteration to the brackets was required for my unusual angle of
attachment.  Then wired them to function with the high beams of the standard
headlamps.  Being able to see was truly a pleasure.  Since that time, a dump
truck destroyed one of my stock headlamps, so the folks at State Farm bought
me a nice Euro H4 headlamp while I sprung for the other.  Don't yet have them
properly aimed but seem to be doing a good job.  We installed a relay for
each lamp (80w Lo, 100w high bulbs) so that the HL switch might last beyond
next week.  Incidentally, the 550s were a disappointment compared to other
Hella lights I've had.  Very pronounced beam pattern that didn't cover much
area and only acceptable distance.  Shoulda just slapped four or five Rally
2000s to the front....Also wanted to comment on the guy with the 4csq that
wants to eliminate understeer with his sway bars.  I don't know if putting a
bigger bar on the front is the answer.  Sure wouldn't work on a fwd car, but
would be perfect for a rwd car.  What do you do with awd cars?? Learning a
lot from you folks; keep it up!
Dwight V.  '86 Coupe GT