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Re: Big Old Hellas

>Also wanted to comment on the guy with the 4csq that
>wants to eliminate understeer with his sway bars.  I don't know if putting a
>bigger bar on the front is the answer.  Sure wouldn't work on a fwd car, but
>would be perfect for a rwd car.  What do you do with awd cars?? Learning a
>lot from you folks; keep it up!

Hmmmmmmmm..... I'd certainaly like to know how increasing the front roll 
stiffness will cause understeer in a FWD car and Oversteer in a RWD...... 
 Increasing front roll stiffness cause's more weight transfer to the 
outside front wheel and reduces weight transfer to the rear.....so no 
matter what the weight transfer is going to stay up front and help to 
overload the outside wheel in a turn.  That overload (And several other 
factors like camber changes) is what causes understeer....  Now the bar 
really does not know or care if it's a FWD or RWD car.  The Suspension 
engineer in me would really like to know how this works.


Eric Fletcher