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Re: wastegate spring related stuff

>I was under the impression that the IA box uses a resistor network to scale
>down the output from the pressure transducer in the ECU.  If this is true,
>it would raise the overboost limit as well as change the timing under boost
>conditions.  It may be possible to get away with this approach, but it
>certainly doesn't seem optimal.

The IA box's change the Eprom.  I've been in there it's changed, The Code 
is changed the IA Map is very different from the stock map.  The C.R.A.P 
box and Superchips box use the resistor network. The IA box has a 
different feel than the CRAP/SuperChip box's.  To top it off I'm testing 
several new box's for Ned and we are playing seriously with timing.


Eric Fletcher