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Re: Graphics

I must admit to liking the Audi Sport graphics on the older cars, like Bruno
Kreibich still has on his TQC, but I just saw a nifty TQC in Sport Compact
Car (March 96, pg. 63) that has a chequered flag motif. No doubt expensive to
duplicate (and on something other than a yellow car, please), but very
'sporty' and eye-catching. 
Also, in regards to the 4csq with the rough idle, I had to replace the
hard-to-see but not expensive hose that resides betw. the head and intake
man. and attaches to one end of the idle stabilizer valve, or idle control
valve, or whatever they call it this week. Thing had split and was causing a
VERY rough idle. Electrical tape fixed it up until the part could be obtained
(why is everything I need never in stock?).
And lastly, where IS that guy with the decals? Can't ever have too many
decals on the ice chest/tool box/garage door window.
Dwight V.          
86 Cgt
89 Jetta GLI 16v ABS
***My husky mix and I are still dreaming of that elusive TQC, and the $$ to
buy it***