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Audi Net web site!

     Hey y'all,

        I heard a lot of people looking for a "lost" web site that many people
had stumbled upon, but were unable to locate again.  I thought that site was Qu
attro Country, but it was not.  The site with all those cool SportQ pictures an
d stuff is called Audi Net, and yes, there is a link to it through the Quattro
Country page.  I was just looking at it the other day and it is very impressive
!  Well, for those of you interested, here's the address:

        Audi Net:

        If that doesn't work, let me know...it should!  Also there is an intere
sting section in there entitled "The Andes Experiment" and there are photos of
some guys driving a '93 S4 Quattro in the Andees Mountians in Chile on the stoc
k rims.....no, I mean WITH NO TIRES!!!!!!  Interesting!