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The Audi Gods wrath!!!!

       Well folks,

           I don't know what I've done, but the Audi gods have been giving me h
ell!  BTW, I just bought a set of mud flaps and $30 worth of stuff from Bavaria
n Autosport for the car....I thought the Audi gods would be pleased.  Anyways,
I  had a problem about two weeks ago when I noticed my passenger side window we
nt down, but wouldn't come back up!  So, I investigated a new switch...the deal
er wanted $65 for a new one, so I passed.  So I took the switch out and used a
real fine grit sandpaper to sand (or, shave clean) the contacts.  I put it back
together and it worked fine....for about a week!

           Around that same time I noticed that the LED lights on the two rear
window switches had mysteriously gone out!  Hmmmm, strange that they should bot
h go out at the same time, and I thought they were supposed to last forever.  W
ell, I kinda let that pass for the time.  Then, today, since it was about 70 de
grees outside today and beautiful, I had the windows and the sunroof open.  Whe
n I pulled into the parking deck and tried to shut the windows, only the driver
's one would go up!  I played around with it and got the passenger window (the
switch I thought I'd fixed) to go up.  Anyways, I also noticed that when I was
hitting the 'up' part of the switch from the driver's side controler for the pa
ssenger side window, it made the LED light on the passenger side switch flicker
.  It would go out when I hit the button, and come back on when I released it.
Frusturating new problems!!!

           Well, my thought now is that this doesn't have anything to do with t
he switches, but rather it is an electrical and/or wiring problem.  What do y'a
ll think about this, and have any of you experienced such demons?  And my bigge
st concern.....am I going to have to pay some Audi technitian to look through a
ll the wiring and check everything to repair this glitch?  That would cost a lo
t of money and right now I'm broke!  Any help would be appreciated....Thanks!
Do I need to sacrifice a chicken under a full moon or something to make the Aud
i gods happy?  I don't get it....I've been making the sacrifices.