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Audi Sport on Television

       	To all,

Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Sportschannel will be pleased 
when Audi participates this year in the British Touring Car 
Championships. I think that Sportschannel started broadcasting this 
event last year and now that  Audi is racing this year in the BTCC it 
will be a pleasure to tune in. Half of last years races where in the 
wet, and if  Audi gets that many this year, I think we all know what 
that means. I did catch one race from last season and it looks very 
exciting. Maybe not as exciting as the German Touring Series but 
these 2 liter cars are still fun to watch. Here's hoping Audi  makes 
this year a good one.

Angelo A
83 ur-q
86 coupe gt