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91 200tqw setup

Need some opinions from the listmeisters. Working on fresheneing up 
91 200 tqw. High miles, strong drivetrain. Car is daily driver but I 
want to take it to club events at track. Need to work on suspension 
and brakes.
1. Recommendations on springs/shocks. Want car firm, not stiff. Will 
purchase wheels and tires just for track to let them do some of the 
work(list question for another day)  Eibach or abt springs? Turbo gas,
 koni adjustables or bilsteins? All suspension bushings will be 
replaced. Based on prior thread, intend to use stock, unless someone 
has experience with alternative(and not made out of unobtanium).
2.UFO brakes. Great on the street. Trying to find better pads. TAP 
(now TPS) claims to have upgrade for UFO brakes without replacing 
rotors. I know list hasn't been too friendly toward TAP. Any 
suggestions short of replacing front end?
All replies appreciated, even if you have a product to sell!(however 
if I purchase, I_will_ report back to the list). E-mail 
rrfs32d@prodigy.com if you want to save bandwith.
1991 200 tqw(Mine)
1995 camry le(hers)