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Re: Inquiry: Info on 4000Q+Turbo mod(long)

At 09:51 AM 02.18.96 -0500, Dave Head wrote:

>Remember, the turbo motor is specially built and lubricated (oil sprayers)
>to take the extra grunt of the turbo.  A non-turbo motor may not hold up
>well to that kind of abuse.  Additionally, you haven't mentioned the
>wastegate...  The easiest way I can think of would be to get a complete
>turbo car and start swapping parts.  There are a lot of controls/pieces,
>parts that you'll need to do a decent job on this conversion.

There are two 4k turbo quattro conversions that I know about in the Seattle
area.  One is an '86 or '87 with a '91 200q 20v turbo engine--this one was a
LOT of work, simplified only by having a complete donor car available.  BTW,
this thing also has an IA chip in it.  For the most part, this car looks
stock, slightly lowered with the Sachs suspension kit.

The other is a real one-off.  The engine block is the original one--normally
aspirated, so it doesn't have the oil-squirters to cool the pistons.  I
believe the 5k turbo was simply bolted onto the original manifold--i.e. no
wastegate.  This was accomplished by using a pop-off valve on the intake
manifold to control pressure.  This has the benefit of keeping the turbo
spooled up.  I don't recall how he increased fuel flow or managed ignition.
The developer on this one was heavily involved in the 20v conversion above.
BTW, this car IS in an emission monitored area.

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