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Re: intermittent 2500rpm idle **help**

>not click when the throttle is wide open.  
>    The other thing I am wrestling with is that over 1.5 bar on the dash gauge,
>the engine runs great for a few seconds, then starts to miss/lose power.  
>This problem is present on both cars.  Mods: Charlie's wastegate spring/
>grounded fuel pump wire at computer.
>   Given the fact that both cars behave approximately the same, I am thinking
>that the problem is likely retarded timing due to high boost levels.  If
that is the
>case, is the only solution is to buy a computer mod. from one of the suppliers?
>Any ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated.
>                                          Mike Loeks
>                                          '86 5kcstq   Squared
>                                           Warren, Oregon

The symptoms are identical to the fuel pump shutoff. I'm guessing that 
your fuel bypass mod has been incorrectly installed.