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Re: Sunroofs

>I too had the sunroof woes on my 84 5ks.  The right lift arm broke right in
>two.  It'd go up--sort of--but not back.  All sorts of nasty things would
>happen when I tried, including losing a bit of paint off the top.  Dealer
>wanted $400 to fix it.  Soooo...  Off to the local VW/Audi yard.
>I picked up a complete sunroof, including motor for $50.  Granted, I had to
>pull it out of the car in the yard, but for that price, you bet!  Went home
>with a six-pack and after about 1 1/2 hours I had a working sunroof.  I
>love those wrecking yards!
My 86kcs sunroof is broken also.  But it was my understanding that if one had
a choice of rebuiding the sunroof or rebuilding the auto trans, one would be
wise to rebuild the transmission.  Would you please write some dissasembly
instructions for doing this.  I know I would use them!



Joel Richardson