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Give Him a Break!

I am on Peter's side in the following:

> At 02:43 PM 2/20/96 -0500, Peter Wales wrote:
> >That chip is a ripoff pirate copy of the European Superchip for that car. I
> >know, because the BBR engineer who was told to copy our chip now works for
> >me in England. Try the chip before you buy it, I would be surprised if it
> >gave 2 HP here never mind 22 HP
> Once again I am getting the needle from someone who can't read. Its the
> EUROPEAN version, but go ahead, buy it see if I care.
> One thing I did not do is make any mention of my product.
> Give me a break will you?
> Peter Wales
> President Superchips Inc
> Chairman Superchips Ltd        "Timing is everything"
> Superchips home page with all the answers http://www.superchips.com

Please, DO give Peter a break.  His posting was informative, brief, 
and to the point.  He was a lot LESS critical of this product than I 
have heard others on this list be to other products.  He knows 
something about this!  If we want to lose him from the list, we're 
going about it the right way.

As soon as he replied, I thought: "We'll see someone on the list 
overreact to this...."  But I have specifically omitted quoting the 
respondents in deference to all my list-mates.

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