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Re: Stiffer Engine Mounts

> Some of us PRO Rally guys have tried various ways to stiffen up engine and
> transaxels mounts. (Mechanical not Anatomical!) I've had the best luck
> with a BONDO (yup!) type body filler. It has some flex and certainly
> stiffens up the mount. Usually just goop it into the particular rubber
> bushing assembly over the existing rubber. It is a short lived solution.

This is a (now) well-known trick used by SCCA IT racers ... painted black,
it's very difficult to detect visually.  
> I've yet to try it on any road cars. 

I did it to my old Solo II 4k after I got tired of blowing inner CV joints
... the car shook so badly, it could have doubled as a blender!

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