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Water leaks and stiff shifter

I hope someone can help me with two problems on my '86 4000q.

The first:
I have water leaking into the little storage compartment by the drivers left
leg. In a hard rain, it fills completely with water. I know the windshield
seals often leak on older Audis, but I don't think that's the problem.
The windshield and seal were replaced just before I bought the car 
(two years ago) and I have had no leaks until now. Anyone know what else
it could be?

The second:
After shifting alot, on warmer days, the shift level becomes very tight
and hard to move. I don't think it has to do with the transmission, because
even moving the shifter right and left is stiff. This morning, it was 
getting real stiff and I noticed, for the first time, a scrapeing sound
when I moved the stiffer in any direction. Are there bushings or anything
like that that would wear out?


'86 4000CS Quattro