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Re: race/track tires

>Gee, lats time I checked *LOTS* of National amd Regional Champs were running
>RAIIs and many others were running the BFG R1s....
Not in SP... Not in FS.....  HS and DS but not in "Big" Car classes Yoks 
are at home on Low HP FWD cars......To top it off you will not find Yok's 
on any road race champs car's, Kumho's, BFG's, and Goodyear's.

>Eric, how about some advice on going from 205-55-14s to 195-55-14s to try to
>get them up to proper temp? Am I better off with the wider tire anyhows,
>even at suboptimal temps? This is with the HS required stock 6" rim 
Like I said tire temps are the key......  Want to go fast, get a 
pryometer and learn how to use it......


Eric Fletcher