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Re: V8 Owners

On 22 Feb 1996, Michael LaRosa wrote:

> So, just how many of us V8 owners are there out here ?
> If everybody wants to send me specs, Year, color,
> mileage....etc I'll gladly compile it and redistribute to the
> list.
> I think Eliot Lim was probably the first.  I remember him posting
> about it when he first bought it.  Yup some of us here have been
> on this list for quite some time :-)
> Regards,
> Mike L.
1990 Pearl with Black Leather. 120K Miles. Konis, Euro Lights <including 
height adjustment control>XGTV4's, Stock rims (going to Borbet A's
 with 16" 225/50's soon<probably Dunlops 4000's or Mich XGTV4's again>
Very few problems. Great car. 1 Litre of oil per 1200 Miles consumption. 
Upgraded brakes and transmission CPU. NGK Plugs, Castrol 20/50 Always at 
5K intervals (definitely 9 Quarts)

I would like to own a 4.2 Long Wheelbase if I could Grey market import. 
There you are laddy. Buy the way my car was made in August of 1989.
Paul Rivera
Los Angeles