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April Drivers School

On April 27 and 28th the Kansas City BMW Club Will be holding a Drivers 
School at Heartland Park in Topeka Kansas.  (8 hours east of Denver and 4 
1/2 hours West of St. Louis) Members of the Quattro club are being 
invited. They will be running the same track layout that Hans Stuck and 
Hurley Haywood took a 1-2 finish at in the IMSA 90Q's  (I was There 
getting my butt whipped!) Cost will be $185 for the two days, A party on 
Friday Night and a Commemoraitve T-Shirt.  There are are a block of hotel 
rooms being held at the Topeka Plaza for the KC BMW Club and the rates 
are $43/Night Single and $48/Night Double.  Applications have to be in by 
March 22nd.  For more info Please call or fax Kirk Kiloh (913/642-9796).

As it stands now with my schedule I will be instructing and Scott J. said 
that he should be able to make it also.  Hope to see PLENTY of Q's 
Kicking some BMW butt's!


Eric Fletcher