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Re: Superchips promotion...

Okay, as requested my current "Unka-Bart" impression........

>>I also have read his comments with interest.  But, when he says in open 
>>forum that his Superchips company has this item available, that is 
>>advertising, and should have gone to private email.  First time is no 
>>biggy either.  But it has to stop.

I'm on the side of My esteemed comrades Graydon and Scott......  

>Can I take it then, that if I have a solution to a problem you have, you
>would rather not hear about it? If someone else poses the question, you
>won't hear the answer. If he tells the world that  I have the solution, then
>that is second hand advertising. if he doesn't then your problem remains. I
>think that discretion is needed in this situation and I have tried to
>exercise it. I have not advertised, but simply stated that I have a product.
>If I advertised it you would definitely have something to complain about. 

To date you have not really presented a soultion to any problem..... "You 
have not advertised, but simply stated that you have a product", an 
oxymoron if I ever read one. Come on Peter, It's advertising.... What's 
next "Military Intellingence"?  (Sorry Joe)

>Why don't you stop complaining about my sig and concentrate on the cars?
>There are others who have sigs with a commercial flavor, although they may
>not sell you a part for your car, they may sell you a phone to use in it :)

Bad choice there Peter, Mr. D's sig is informative, not advertising... It 
contains his phone numbers so that listers that hate to type (Like me), 
need's a quicker answer, or God forbid need's help with a Dead Q in his 
neck of the woods, can call him.  He's not selling phones.......

>>No, but his slam of the competition was very much out of hand.  I'd like 
>>to hear BBR's comments on the subject.
>My comment on the competition was not a slam out of hand, it was
>informative. I don't care if you buy this part or not, I was simply trying
>to warn you of its pedigree. If you wanted one of my parts you would have
>bought it but I never even mentioned we had a part for that car in the US.
>Trying to be discrete again.
>You would definitely not want BBRs comments, unless you want to learn some
>new Anglo Saxon verbs and adjectives:)

There you go slaming again.....  Peter you really need to read your post 
BEFORE you send them to the list....  Your making this too easy......

>>I also think that if Peter Wales was here primarily for the Quattro 
>>commeraderi, that his .sig would tell us which Audi he drives, not what 
>>company he owns.  Does he even drive an Audi?  Peter?
>No Graydon, I don't drive foreign cars. I have a Chevy.
>My wife has a small RS2 in England though, does that count?

Foregin is relative........ Still did'nt answer the question Peter.... Do 
you drive an Audi?

Blunt question alert....  Peter why are you here?  Are you here because 
your trying to sell your product?  Are you here because you own an Audi 
and want repair and ownership Info? Or are you here because you found us 
by accident and you really want to find out what we're about?  What's it 
going to be Peter?

Peter Most of the folks posting on this list have been her for a long 
time, I was around for 6 months before my first post....  I learned the 
rules early and have tried to abide by them....  You show up guns blazing 
about the competition and advertising.... That's why we are concerned.

It's late, I'm tired, I'm done.... For now...................


Eric Fletcher