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Re: Eliminating Turbo Lag

At 12:48 PM 2/27/96 -1200, you wrote:
>dumping fuel on the hot side of the wastegate is used by all top rally
teams (subaru, mitsi, ford,and toyota) to keep the turbo spooled up and
improve throttle response.
>1) as above, much better throttle response.
>2) compensates for a large impeller
>3) looks and sounds great!

There was a company down Tucson way a few years ago playing with top fuel
supercharged and turbocharged engines (combination).  One of the ways they
eliminated turbo lag was by injecting Nitrous directly onto the cold side
spinning blades to get it/keep it up to speed.  They said lag was virtually
eliminated. Of course this required additional fuel, but the results were
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