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Cost of track events

It is true that the cost of the QCUSA events is pretty high, but there are
a couple of things to keep in mind.  First is that QCUSA events tend to be
two day events, if you double the price many organizations are stating for one
day events many times you're in the same ballpark.  The other issue is that 
most events are held at a big name track, I'd bet that a good part of the 
premium is the track fees.

In this area there is an organization that holds events at tracks like Sears
Point, Thunderhill, and now Laguna Seca, and their 2 day fees are about the 
same as those charged by QCUSA.  (~$250)

I think that the point is that it would be great if there were more than a
handful of QCUSA events every year ... to the point where every member could
participate in several.  These events don't need to be held at Laguna Seca 
all the time either.  IMO it is a bit much to expect QCUSA HQ to arrange 
dozens (hundreds? :) of such events every year.  This is one of the benefits 
that a local organization can provide to its members.  I would suggest that 
if you want to have more events, then it would be great if you got involved 
with the local organization.  If not QCUSA, look into the SCCA.  The SCCA has 
a series called Solo which are basically autocross events and are fairly 
inexpensive opportunities to safely explore the limits ... check them out.

Bottom line ... there are things YOU can do to have cheaper driving events,
don't always expect someone else to package them up for you ...

... and look for even more opportunities in the future ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)