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Re: cadillicked...

Scott adds:
> In a message dated 96-02-25 00:41:06 EST, Graydon writes:
> >
> >Wait a minute, have you hopped up your S4?  "That changes everything" as 
> >the other famous 'murican carmaker says. :-)  Also, if it was an Eldo or 
> >an SLS with the 275 HP engine, that would make a difference in your favour.
> The STS recorded a BEST 0-60 of 7.2 when I flogged one with the vericom,
> torque braking the beast each time....  Car rags best is 7.0.....  The S4 in
> STOCK trim is consistently in the low 6's and with a peak torque of 257lb/ft
> @ 1950 should easily dust a STS....  The caddy engine is a fine one, but
> maybe in search of a better chassis (or lighter)....  Don't sell the 5ktq
> short either graydon, BTDT with both my toys, caddies have a high propensity
> to try bragging at the toll booths here in Chi-town....  A stock S4 in second
> or 3rd has a serious task associated with speed.....
I can second this experience... Our S6 wagon dusted a caddy off the line
and through second.. The broad two lane sweeper put that boat further
back.. The guy had a bit of a 'moment' through the turn as he tried to
reduce momentum... Dunno 'bout the caddy, but our S6 was new and box stock.


-steve powers   '95.5 S6 ... '95 620RX/C ... '91 K100RS-16V ... '88 R100S

"I must tell you that these are strong Bavarian beer-carrying horses,
not the smaller ones of Italy" (Ferdinand Piech)