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Re: Superchips promotion...

[excerpted from Steven B.]

>Why is anyone here?  I'm beginning to ask myself this question more and
>more lately :-(  I used to think that it was solely to get information
>about Audis and quattros and other subjects in a similar vein.  Far more
>bandwidth has been *WASTED* concerning this petty issue.

I'm here for therapy. And the comraderie. And the info that helps me NOT
keep my local dealer in business. If I had the funds, I'd be driving an S6
instead of a NON-Q Audi. At least I got 5 cylinders and 4 rings on the
grill when I last looked.

Hope that post about the Audi V6 eating oil pump will not apply to the
24Valver and the twin Turbos.

Ernest Wong