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RE: More A4 vs 3-series bimmer

Will anybody bite on the "get it in an "IX" version [aka: quatro]" bit? :-)
- peter

| From: Tim Gortner  <Tim.Gortner@pobox.com>
| Note: I am posting these messages in the spirit of friendly cameraderie and
| perhaps friendly competition among lovers of fine German cars,
| whatever the marque.  If someone has a strong opinion that this 
dosen't belong
| here, please let me know.
| >From: "Richard Y. Lee" <rylee@chaph.usc.edu>
| Audi) seams wishy-washy to me (I drove one two months ago). The one nice
| thing though is that you can get it in and "IX" version [aka: 
quatro]. :)