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Re: Bypass Valves

In a message dated 96-02-29 01:35:10 EST, you write:

> You wrote earlier, I believe, that you had tried a bypass valve. Did you 
>vent this to the atmosphere or to the compressor intake? 
>Other than being 
>a pain to plumb, why would the rerouted air method not work great on an 86> 
In my case, I have a Modified RS2 turbo that blew so much air that the sport
quattro valve did not prevent IC blowout....  hmmmmm, cool....  Definitely
worth a retry, I'll prolly go with the larger HKS electro-mechanical unit
> One more theory question; What happens to the air as it enters back 
>through the compressor more than once. Is it compressed to a greater 
....  NO, basically you have lets say 15 psi being bypassed to the turbo....
 Well the turbo put out that 15 psi, so it's a wash....  The turbulence
created shoving pressured air back into the turbo prolly offsets any
"pressure spin" anyhow....  The whole theory behind the reroute is noise,
freewheeling the turbo, and what I call "measured air" theory....  Not as
critical in the 86-89.5 cars (with decel valve), but the mass air cars make
paying attention to this pretty key......