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Re: Low Power: 86 Audi 5000 turbo

In a message dated 96-02-29 08:32:26 EST, you write:

>My girlfriend just got an 86 Audi 5000 Turbo (automatic).  I have really no 
>experience with these cars, but I have some (reasonable) amount of car 
>knowledge.  While driving, it is hard to push this car above about 70 mph 
>-- the engine light indicating that boost pressure is too high comes on, 
>and I just can't seem to get the tach over about 3000 rpm.  Needless to 
>say, I don't think that this car is developing the amount of power that 
>it should.  Fuel economy is good -- about 27 mpg.  A mechanic I trust 
>said that the turbo was not shot, which was my first idea, but he *could* 
>be wrong.  Does anyone have some suggestions on where I should start 
>looking for the problem, or IS there a problem?  
Ck that IC to t-body hose for rips in the bottom, ck IC for oil leaks, ck all
hoses from fuel dist to t-body for tightness...  Pull the dipstick out at
idle, does the car stall? if yes then ck the pcv routing, if no, back to
1)......   Did your run the codes after that engine light comes on?  What is
the read?  sounds like an air leak to me...