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Non-OEM radio removal

        I had the standard Delta go out on my, in my '90 100Q about a year
or more ago. I had an aftermarket CD player, a Pioneer unit installed. Now,
I want to mess with the wiring. 
        [ specifically - the head unit allows for bridging the speaker
output, so I get more power - thus better sound. I already have another amp
for the subwoofer and rear speakers ]
        Unfortunatly, I can not figure out how it is connected - I have
pulled off both the right side and the left side carpeted panels on the
center console, and see nothing that looks promising. I have tried yanking
(!) it, pushing it, pulling it, torquing it, Willing it to move, all to no
avail. This is why I believe that it must be screwed or clipped in somehow (
I mean, if _I_ willed it to move, and it didn't, there must be some screws
in there. Some serious titanium alloy screws, with carbon fiber wrapped
around the rest of the player, else my mental powers (haha) would have moved
it! ) 
        So if anyone has messed with aftermarket units, and could tell me
how and where they attached it, I would be eternally purple. Well, maybe not
purple, at least not eternally..Probably uhm..plasticine? No..Thankful!
yeah, that's what I'd be..

brooks   ' Titanium alloy screws huh..Something is screwed anyhow..!! '