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Re: Warranties?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Joe Yakubik say:

> A while back I think I read something about Audi offering an "extended warranty"
> on used Audis if you bought from an authorized dealer and the car had passed a
> 100 point inspection or something.  Kind of like what Porsche does.  It doesn't
> apply to me, but I have noticed a fairly sizable number of new names and or
> familiar names with new cars lately and they might actually have some incentive
> to go the dealer.  Any truth to this rumor?

It's called the "Audi Advantage", and it covers most used cars
sold by dealers. It is for cars less than a certain age (7 years?),
and they must pass an inspection first.

My '89 100Q bought in '93 came with a 12/12K warranty, with 24/24K
on the drivetrain. Angela's '90 90Q bought in '94 came with 12/12K
on everything. They sort-of cost you; it's either explicitly priced,
or implicitly added into the selling price.


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