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Tim's AM Buzz

Tim said his Fuba antenna works great on FM but has AM interference.  
If it's the same kind of thing I experienced, it's a low-frequency 
kinda random noise.  Is that right, Tim?

I honestly don't know the cure for this....but let's think about some 

1)  Did you use the original antenna lines?  If so, try a replacement 
antenna cable made out of good old 'Murican wire.
2)  You can try disconnecting the shield portion of the antenna.  
This helped SteadiRic with his antenna - he just tested it by putting 
plastic over the shield on the cable while plugging it into the 

If neither of these works, my advice is to stop by Wal-Mart or Radio 
Shack and pick up a cheapie ($10-$15) basic type fender 
mount antenna.  Plug IT into the radio and see if it sounds better 
than the Fuba.  If so, you know more than you did - and it probably 
means that something about the Fuba and your setup are not gonna be 

I have ID'd a good spot on the LR fender of my 200 where the 
Hirschmann antenna will mount.  I'm dedicated to the proposition that 
nothing beats a good old fender mount antenna firmly grounded to body 
metal.  I'll mount it as soon as Crutchfield send my new super-zoomy 
gee-whiz you-betchum-Red-Ryder Bose to real-world speaker adapter.

Note: I appreciate the info on mounting positions sent by other list 
members.  I have decided to mount the antenna about even with the 
weld seam inside the trunk-lid line where the LR fender is welded to 
the main body.  This is about 4" further back than standard, but 
guarantees the motor will clear all body braces and trunk lid 

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