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S/N db's

In a message dated 96-04-05 01:53:11 EST, you write:

>Those are just the subjective differences.  There are many others that 
>are objective and less tangible, but very important nontheless.  
>Designers of tuner circutry usually don't give a hoot about audio quality 
>because the signal being recieved is prettly low fidelity anyway, so why 
>pass it through an expensive high quality audio stage?  Things like 
>dynamics, timbral acuracy, midrange bloom, treble purity, bass punch, 
>etc.  Measurements are one thing, but objective performance, untouchable 
>by measurments, are what we actually hear.

.....  I hear a buzzing sound somewhere in cyberspace.....
1, you have the definition of Subjective and Objective backwards. 2, car
tuners are rated and hoots are given to them. 3, haven't seen a car audio
manufacturer yet that doesn't measure EXACTLY what you describe, it's called
a SOUND FIELD ANALYZER, and it quantifies EXACTLY what you hear in THE
environment you will hear it IN, and in fact can analyze sound you CAN'T hear
as well (but your dog might thank you) .  You might want to ck the archives
on the level of audiophiles here, there are more than a few.......