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Re: Zymol leather treatment

> On Sun, 26 May 1996, Steve Dambrowski wrote:
> > Has anyone tried the Zymol (sp?) leather treatment? When I was at the auto
> > store last week they had it next to the wax... Two bottles, one cleaner
> > and one protector. (I *think*) They want $15 or so, which doesn't seem too
> > bad. 
> > 
bob.damato@snetel.com replied:
> Ive hd really good luck with Lexol conditioner. Although I HATE leather 
> seats, the lexol makes them less slippery. Its only $9 a bottle, and 
> another $9 if you need the cleaner.
I too use the Lexol Cleaner/Conditioner on both cars.  I was in a pet 
supplies store yesterday and noticed that they had it for sale there 
as well (probably for saddles).  It has been a while since I bought a
bottle for myself so I can't say for sure ... but it wouldn't surprise 
me to find the price to be less than it is at car supply stores ... 
they also had an economy sized bottle.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)