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Throttle Cable redux (instant HP part 2)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Ernest Wong say:

> >BTW, I'm working on a full-throttle switch problem right now.
> >The problem is that the switch works, but pushing the pedal
> >to full throttle doesn't move the lever enough to engage it.
> >I temporarily wedged a folded piece of cardboard in to make
> >it work; I'll let you know. Has anyone seen this before?

> On the 10V atmo engine, there's a clip adjuster for the throttle cable. My
> cable was pretty stretched out and is now at it's max adjustment mark.
> Hope nothing got bent in the throttle linkage thingey.

Nothing looks bent, and the cable is taut (touching the pedal moves
the throttle linkage with no cable slack).

What seems to be happening is that the cable didn't used to swing the
throttle linkage through enough of an arc. The secondary throttle body
port wasn't engaged until the very end of the pedal play, and the WOT
switch was never engaged. There is a little slit in the pivot that
determines how far the cable must move to start opening the secondary port.

My cardboard fix makes the secondary port open at about 1/3-1/2 pedal,
instead of 90% or more. The WOT switch just engages at, well, WOT.

The results: I feel like I just installed a turbocharger in the car.
It accelerates like a rocket, instead of the slug it used to be.

Throttle response is improved 100%, especially starting from lights.
I don't need to floor it all the time any more, just to get going.
The WOT "pulsing" I lived with for years is gone. The car is almost
as fast (seat of the pants) as my 90Q20V!

Isn't this essentially what the Schaumberg throttle body does?
I'm not screwing anything up, am I?


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