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90Q Stalling

-- [ From: Daniel A. Ivanciw * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

Hi all,

I hope someone can help me.  After warming up, my 1990 90Q (70K miles)
stalls whenever I come to a stop.  The idle speed is set correctly (800
RPM) and at 60K miles I had the Audi service performed (new spark plugs,
air filter, idle adj, etc).  This stalling does not occur when the
outside temperature is cool, but above about 75F it stalls and gets
worse the hotter the temperature.  The stalling does not occur when I
run the air conditioning, I think because with A/C the idle speed is

The scenario is as follows.  I am driving at 60 mph or so for a while
and the engine is fully warmed up.  I take an exit and downshift to
third and at the end of the short exit ramp when I finally stop at the
traffic light it stalls.  It stalls as soon as I clutch and coast to a
stop from about 15-20mph.  It would stall earlier if I pushed in the
clutch and held it in long enough instead of downshifting to 4th, 3rd,

I replaced what I thought was the ISV (part number 034 133 455A), but
no change.  I am not sure that is the ISV.  The part that I replaced is
held on with three bolts and has two hoses running to it.  The part is
about 5 inches long including a cyclindrical end two inches long that
is held by two small screws to the main body.

Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.  <<DAN>>