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Re: V8 Life Span

 HKravec@aol.com writes:

 Hk> Hello,
 Hk> I'm new to this group, but I have had a Quattro since 1983....83 4QS,
 Hk> 88 5TQ and now a 90 V8.   My V8 has over 140,000 miles on it....I've
 Hk> been religious about oil changes (engine & trany), belts, coolant
 Hk> etc.... 
 Hk> Any thoughts when this beast might lay down and die??

     Ooooh, you're splitting hairs with the Audi gods. Don't
     mention stuff like this near the car, or it'll be soon... ;)

     While looking for my V8Q (took me 2 years to find one just
     the way I wanted it) I came across one (black in Lawrence MA
     area) with 240K miles, and was still a very tight car. I also
     looked at a Pearl '90 with 180K miles, that had zero, I mean
     zero maintenance done to it, that was running fine. I heard
     through the grapevine that the timing belt let go on this
     car very soon after it was purchased, trashed the engine, and
     it's currently sitting at a garage in Watertown.
     Still haven't come across one that has died a natural death.
     Maybe a few years from now, when the mileages get really high,
     and the resale falls even more, people will begin junking them
     instead of fixing them when expensive repairs are needed.


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