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Hey all,
I have finally gotten back on the list after a cross country drive and move
in my A4. The trip was not without its charms or hassles. In Madison, WI the
front end bumping noise returned with a vengeance, despite Lewis Motors (VT)
assurance that it had been fixed. Zimbrick Audi was great, and admitted I
would be better off heading back down to Schaumberg Audi. They took two days
to figure out what had happened, but finally arrived at the conclusion that
one of the suspension links was faulty. Rather than waiting an additional two
days for the parts, they ripped the front suspension off of one of their new
cars and put it on mine so I could get on the road!! You Audi owners in that
area are pretty lucky to have a dealership like that nearby. 
I caught the last part of a thread on making the A4 faster. If you are
talking about the throttle body modification, it is still a significant
improvement over stock.
One question. Has anyone put new tires on yet? I am planning on putting
225/50 R16 Dunlop D40M2's this week. They have the same circumference as the
205/55's and supposedly enough clearance. Has anyone heard differently?

96 A4q
92 CBR600F2

"Speed doesn't kill, speed differential does."