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Hey all,
    Just a quick report on the tire upgrade for my A4. I put a set of 225/50
ZR-16 Dunlop D40M2's on last week. They fit the stock rims, and have enough
clearance in the wheel wells. They are very close to the steering links, but
don't rub. The extra inch of rubber on each corner makes a huge difference in
traction. The car corners like it's on rails now. Anyone who is sick of the
squeal of the Eagle RS-A's on even light cornering should seriously consider
this sort of tire swap. The ride is minimally harsher, but not appreciably
noisier, well worth the added traction IMHO. The upgrade also did not affect
the steering feel significantly. I think there is slightly more resistance to
turning the wheel, but the added feedback is welcome. 
      I also went to the Porsche Club and SCCA rallys this past weekend at
Jack Murphy stadium. I was surprised at the lack of Audi participation. I
only saw two Audis at the event, (URQ 1AB are you out there?) and both were
parked. I think I may try and run in the next rally if my schedule allows.

96 A4q
92 CBR 600F2

"Speed doesn't kill, speed differential does"