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Re: Hydraulic Pump Seals

 John Ball <jball@rme1.reissmedia.com> writes:

 JB> Has anyone had any luck re-sealing the
 JB> pump at the big phillips screw? I have
 JB> seepage and the shop I use says there
 JB> has been little luck doing re-seals and
 JB> Audi is no longer selling seal kits.

     I recently did the pump on the '84 5KS, and
     I'm happy to say I have dry pump/engine side
     for the first time since I bought the car.
     I had no problem getting the kit, the part
     number is even listed in the Bentley. The
     Audi Dealer even had these listed on his
     montly specials flyer at the time.

     I did get a trickle out of the hex screw
     plugs, which I couldn't remove, so I filled
     the holes with windshield cement (on the
     advise of a dealer tech) and it's sealed
     tight now.

     Several others on this list have also reported
     excellent results with these kits.



     '84 5KS
     '90 V8Q

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