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RE: Questions about'86 4KQ mods

     If you turbocharge your 4000, you'll surprise the heck out of people 
     vs. an ur-quattro, which looks cool and was fast for its day...  Glen 
     is right that you'll never have the big tahrs...  If your 86 is geared 
     low like my 84, you will be quicker, but without the high top speed of 
     the turbo coupe.
     which has links to a list of vendors, some of whom are listed as doing 
     4K turbo conversions.  Someone had one at the quattro club event at 
     Lime Rock last year.
     You would have less body roll in an 84 4000.  It shares some of its 
     suspension with the turbo-coupe (or maybe it's vice-versa?).  85 and 
     later cars are much softer in the steering and suspension.  This 
     self-serving statement mentioned because I have an 84 for sale.  Let 
     me know if you do anything, because deep in my heart I don't want to 
     sell it and am not making much effort and would like to keep it as a 
     rally car (as if I had the money for that sort of thing...)
     Jack Rich
     84 4k Q (for sale)
     90 V8 Q