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RE: Ouch!!

What  broke off was the plastic end of the turbo water pump. The plastic
is just plain brittle and IMO not worth trying to glue anything to as a
fix. I just bought a new one from the local dealer for $189.01 + our
wonderful 8.2% sales tax - plus a gallon of antifreeze for $14.95. I
will definately save the old pump as it is still good and it looks to me
like it is possible to swap the plastic head. The only good news is that
I purchased an extended waranty when I bought the car and it may be
covered (less $100). I figured having a pretty good warranty for the
miles between 74k and 110k was a good idea. BTW, the dealer has a 200
(non-quattro) sitting there in the shop with badges (200 and turbo) and
an auto tranny. Did not think any auto 200's were imported. Not sure of
the year.


>From: 	Al Powell
>Sent: 	Friday, July 12, 1996 12:57 PM
>To: 	JoMi  
>Subject: 	Ouch!!
>OUCH!  I hate to hear about little plastic parts breaking off.  I 
>broke off the small plastic nipple on the top passenger side corner 
>of the radiator on a 1984 5KT - and discovered that although I could 
>not repair it (maybe others have had better luck with epoxy, etc) one 
>CAN have the end-cap replaced without having to replace the 
>If this is what happened to you, don't buy a whole radiator!  Post to 
>the group asking for adhesives which might work, or at worst, replace 
>the plastic end-cap.
>Hope this is SOME help.  
>And - yes, working in that area is pretty much a PITA.......
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