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Re: A4 Quattro '96- leatherette; steering wheel - I Need Seat Covers

I have a '91 80Q with cloth seats.  I really like cloth for many reasons.
 Cooler in the summer, warmer in winter, seat heaters don't crack cloth (I
just love those things), they grip much better during spirited =: ^ 0

The down side is that I now have a very active English setter.  She generally
has muddy paws and sheds little white hairs everywhere.  Both of these
factors would not be a problem with leather. They, however, make a heck of a
mess out of gray cloth.

Thus, I need a good set of seat covers.  Something better fitting and more
comfortable that beach towels.  Does anybody know of a good source of seat
covers that fit well and look better than potato sacks.  

Any sources of experience would be apprecieated!


Jeb Soult

87 CGT (sold)- Cloth interior also
91 80Q
69 TR-6

88 CRX  FOR SALE w/100K  - good shape