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RE: Audi Wagons

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     Audi wagons don't seat more than the sedans--unless you build 
     something yourself (and there are no good anchor points for 
     harnesses/seat belts), there are no rumble seats/3rd seats available 
     for the back of the 5000/200/S6 wagons. Have to go Merc, Volvo 
     (shudder), Toyota, or 'mericun.
     I can put three kid seats in the back of my wagon, but you could do 
     the same with a sedan, too. The wagon gives you more luggage space 
     than a trunk, rear seats fold down--volume for long/bulky items, and a 
     big rear door w/wiper-washer for easy access.
     Mark Andre 
     Fort Collins CO
     91 2CQW
     87 VWQW
     64 VWGV