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Re: CD player for A4q

On Jul 18,  9:12am, Charles Elkan wrote:
> Subject: CD player for A4q
> I have a 1996 A4 quattro, and I've been waiting for months for
> the local car stereo shops to get the adapter that would let
> them install an Alpine CD changer

Have you called Precision Interface Electronics directly?  They're
the company that is developing the adapter, and if it's ready,
maybe they can get one to you quickly.  The number is

> (1) Is it much better to have a changer than a head unit that you
> put single CDs into, like a cassette player?


No, let me rephrase that.


> (2) Would aftermarket radio/CD units fit into the Audi Delta slot?

Yes and no.  The slot is a standard DIN-mount slot.  However, the
radio's faceplate is wider than the slot, so if you slide a standard
DIN head unit in place of the stock unit, there's going to be a
gap on each side (0.5" to 1") between the edge of the radio and
the Audi wood trim.  You'd want to make some kind of a filler block.
Apparently, Crutchfield did in on of their installs, as on page 28
of the current catalog, there's a picture of a Denen CD head unit
mounted in what's obviously an A4 dash.  You can see the gap on each

> Would these be compatible electronically with the existing antenna
> and Bose amplifiers and speakers?

Existing antenna, yes.  The stock radio's weak point is it's FM
section.  Awful.  As far as the Bose stuff, I'm not sure.  You
might wanna give Crutchfield a call at 1-800-955-3000 and ask.

> (3) What brand and model do you recommend that would have high
> quality and sound quality, and look compatible with the A4 dash,
> have red on black electronic displays?

Go to a shop and look/listen to some.  Alpine is decent, as is
Kenwood.  I wouldn't buy Blaupunkt unless you're getting their
really expensive stuff.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q, stock radio and Audi/Alpine changer