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Re: 20 questions / answers

> >>I mean its only a 10v but I was amazed.  Which brings up Question 2- 
>     >>when and if a timing belt breaks (what is the norm re-place point) 
>     >>will the valves shake hands with the piston??? :-(
>     I just asked Ned Ritchie of Intended Acceleration this exact 
>     question...  The 10valve typically doesn't break its cam belt very 
>     often, and when it does, it doesn't blow the engine.  So you are only 
>     stranded, not looking at major repair costs.  The V8 should get its 
>     cam belt replaced every 60K miles, not 90K like Audi originally 
>     recommended.  It *does* tend to break its cam belt sometime after 60k, 
>     and it *is* expensive to repair. (We only discussed my cars.)

I don't Think that Ned would tell you this..... When you pop the cam belt 
on a 10v Turbo you bend all sorts of really hard to get to, very 
expensive parts.
>     >>...Infinity ad...
>     Why the hell is there an uproar over allowing an Infinity ad in the 
>     Quattro Quarterly?  If they want to advertise, let 'em.  It's their 
>     money. (Wasted, in my opinion.)  And if QCUSA wants to accept the ad, 
>     let 'em do that, too.  Should they be afraid they'll lose members to 
>     the Infinity club?

Because from the looks of the ad (Tear Sheet actually) Infinity did NOT 
pay for the ad. Besides Infiniti would NEVER advertise in the Q 
>     There are still about 16 slots available for the Lime Rock event 
>     August 18-20.  The entire park is rented by QCUSA, so you have both 
>     track time as well as use of the skid pad, small racing oval, etc.  
>     Chief instructor for the event is Stephen Early, who teaches for the 
>     Skip Barber school at Lime Rock.  (He'll be there with his S4.)  If 
>     you are interested, contact:
>        Quattro Club, USA
>        New England Region
>        RD#1 Box 34, Stonefence Road 
>        Richmond, VT 05477 

I really don't think that there will be many last min entrys form this 
list....  At Least not the folks I deal with...  The QCUSA needs to clean 
things up with the way that they run themselves before they will see much 
money from these folks.  I'd also check that Steve Early thing out.....  
He certainly was not an instructor when I taught for Skip Barber, Student 
yes, but not an instructor.

>     Be sure to mention my name if you join, as there is a membership drive 
>     on, and I could win some sort of prize, though allegedly Ned Ritchie 
>     already has a gazillion new members signed up and no one can reach 
>     him.  (I've got... none!)  [Is this called "spamming"?  And how did it 
>     get that name?]

That would be a spam and it's not really allowed or nice.....  Don't do 
it.  BTW you know EXACTLY What the prize is, so why don't you say it.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO