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4 things: v8 hose/ 3 responses

     No, I cannot find an open (or even connected!) hose of the type that 
     someone described on my V8 near the firewall by the air cleaner.  
     Sorry, I don't remember who asked this.
     >>I don't Think that Ned would tell you this..... When you pop the cam 
     >>belt on a 10v Turbo you bend all sorts of really hard to get to, 
     >>very expensive parts.
     Hmmm.  He did tell me this, though we were talking about the NA engine 
     in a 4kq, not the turbo.  I was surprised because I thought *all* 
     overhead cam engines smashed the valves when the cam stopped.  He says 
     >>I really don't think that there will be many last min entrys form 
     >>this list....  At Least not the folks I deal with...  The QCUSA 
     >>needs to clean things up with the way that they run themselves 
     >>before they will see much money from these folks.  I'd also check 
     >>that Steve Early thing out.....  He certainly was not an instructor 
     >>when I taught for Skip Barber, Student yes, but not an instructor.
     I posted the information because I had received a request for info 
     after my question about what to do with an auto-trans on the track.
     My information about Steve Early was both a year old and 3rd hand.  I 
     don't remember who told me it.  As of this year, you are right, it is 
     incorrect.  He is not affiliated with Skip Barber.  Sorry for the 
     >>Well when Karen was asked questions here she NEVER Answered them....
     Karen Chadwick does not read this list. (The subject came up at 
     Watkins Glen.)  She did for a very short time but unsubscribed because 
     of the volume.  Try her directly at the qclub address: