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HELLO & Creaking in the front end.

Hello everybody,

I'm Rick and I've been lurking for about week.  I'm new to the list, but
I've been driving Quattros for 10 years.  Started w/ a '86 4kcsQ which I
totalled at 115k (one of the saddest days of my life). I now drive a '90
80Q w/ 70k on it.  I used to live at elevation in Colo., so I've stories of
pulling 2 ton PU's out of snow banks w/ my 4k & only 3 good tires.

But anyway I've got a couple of questions if y'all would indulge.

I've got this terrible creaking in the front end whenever I turn.  I
picked-up a couple of messages about strut top bearings wearing out at
around 70k.  This sounds right to me, same general location etc.  Should I
be looking at anything else in particular when I replace the bearing?  What
else might be wearing out in that area?

Also, when the fan is on high and the heater is on I get this terrible
wailing sound?  Kinda scary, almost like a ghost is trapped in the heater
box. My daughter can't stand it. A ghost would probably explain both the
creaking and the wailing, but who believes in ghosts?

I've enjoyed the list so far (when I can keep up), and hope to be around
for awhile.

          Richard Nathan (Rick)          /
          canerods@capital.net          /