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Lime Rock and tire pressure etc...

I am going to Lime Rock in August, and it is my first QCUSA event. I am
curious as to what are the recommended tire pressures I should run for those
three days? I plan on "filling up" at home, before I drive to CT.

My 1992 100S is non-quattro.  I usually (i.e. daily driving) run 3-4 lbs.
more in the front than the rear, to help neutralize understeer. Any thoughts
on this re: Lime Rock?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

See ya' there!!

P.S. Any other thoughts/suggestions to a "QCUSA event newbie" from
listmembers who have attended/instructed is very much welcome. TIA!!


                      Jim Griffin
                  Quattro List Info:
                        '92 100S
          Titanium Grey/Black Leather
         A               U       D            I
         ccelerate   ntil    eath is   mminent

    "Perception is often stronger than reality!"