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Re: Oil Filters

Michael_B._Patterson@hud.gov writes:
>           2.  I usually buy in bulk because have 5 vehicles that
>           called for the same FRAM part number (2865), or so i
>           thought.  In the FRAM book.. the 2865 is also listed for the
>           MB 300 engine.. well when i picked up the Bosch.. i just
>           picked up 5.. until i though .. wait a minute and checked
>           the book.  What gives, a different part number?

Not surprising, really.  Fram probably specs their filter for
a car as long as it fits, with not much regard to actual
suitability.  For example, on the Audi 5000 series cars, the
factory specifies different oil filter part numbers for the
turbo and non-turbo cars, and yet the Fram cross reference lists
the same unit for all Audi 5000s.

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