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Re: Installing Sony stereo in A4?

Hi Jay,

In Holland you can get an adapter for the VAG connector to various standard
head units, i.ie Sony, Pioneer. No such thing available where you live? It
makes installing a radio about a 10min job!

1988 80 1.8S FWD

PS sorry my reply's a bit late. Been away from the office a few days, y'know.
> Hmmm.  Well, the radio IS a standard DIN... sort of.  That
>  is, the chassis is standard DIN mount, so the Sony should slide
>  right in.

Good to know!  I will get somebody who knows finish work to do the plastic
gap filler; I'm particularly bad at aesthetics.

What about the wiring harness?  Anywhere near standard?  I'm gonna have to
solder, aren't I...


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