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Re: a4 1.8t news

At 01:47 PM 8/15/96 -0700, you wrote:
>i have just seen the a4 delivery lists for the NW region.. there are just
>a small handful of 1.8t's in the list and they are still in the "not built
>yet" status.  the guessing is that they will be here late next month or
>october and they will be *rare*.  there are however, a huge order of 2.8s. 

Report from Texas: I talked to Audi rep in San Antonio on Saturday.
According to his notebook, the new 5 cyl. replacement for current 6 will be
here in Oct - Nov, with the turbo not expected until perhaps Feb - March.
He also said that he expected ~$2,000 increase on both new configs, but had
no info on specs/option. Maybe this info is just for this area.  Hopefully
it is a little inaccurate...

It would be interesting to see what everyone else around the country is


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