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Re: A4 twin VW

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Yes, you still haven't explained it.  So you feel bad because you wasted
your money on a status label?  I think if you look at the VW you'll see it's
not an Audi.  There will be many features lacking, that cost a lot of money 
(power everything...).  I think... we should be glad VWAG has the customer
base in the volkswagen product line to debug technology shared with our
small sales base so our cars can be better engineered (the experience from
literally millions of "cheap" vw's serves to refine our thousands of
"expensive" Audis.)

Kinda reminds me of the flap over buick engines being built in a chevy plant
long ago ... they always looked like the same car to me ... just different
trim outs and options (and markets)  

When I pulled into my parents house to visit in my first Audi (1980 5k)
years ago, my dad said "it's just a volkswagen with four circles on the
grille".  Fine with me.  I like volkswagens.  But this one had power
everything, cruise, leather seats, and that "feel"

still only human ...smileys

>hmm,dificult to explain. But we pay much more for Audi
 >and then we see A much cheaper car with the same mechanic as our Audi in a
form of VW.
 >       But yes VW is good,but it's status is like Toyota in Japan,kind of 
 > everyone can buy ..
 >one more ,we never see any car use BMW or MB platform
 >and sell in other form at much lower price.
>>Why not?  All the parts on my audi say vw already.
>>Volkswagens are great cars too... Am I missing something here?

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